Why donate?

As we aren’t a charity, every single penny that goes towards the lights and decorations has to be donated by people like you!
Lyndhurst village can only light up at Christmas and be that magical twinkling “welcome” over the darker months that we all love so much if you donate. Without your donations Christmas really could get cancelled – and nobody wants that!

The lights and decorations not only help the village look beautiful over the festive period and boosts morale, but it also helps local businesses survive through the quieter months by drawing in custom even over the less sunny months.

What will my donation be used for?

Keeping Christmas! Without your ongoing donations we wouldn’t be able to purchase the Christmas trees that adorn the village, we wouldn’t be able to purchase new lights if they need replacing or maintain them, we also wouldn’t be able to pay for the installation and takedown of the lights by a qualified and insured company – all of this, and more, are essential ongoing costs that we need funding for each year.

Do the committee get paid?

No! We are a bunch of passionate locals who love Christmas and the village. We volunteer our spare time towards organising, fundraising and planning the Christmas decorations so that locals and tourists can enjoy the village over Christmas.

How do I donate?!

Finally, a HUGE thank you for supporting Lyndhurst Village so that we can keep ensuring Christmas in the village for the future.