Lyndhurst Village Lighting & Decorations Committee

Lyndhurst Village Lighting and Decorations Committee has begun a fund-raising appeal campaign to restore the Christmas lights to its full display, so much loved by the Village and visitors over Christmas. They have been missing now for two years, as half the Christmas lights display had to be removed due to safety issues. 

The committee listened to the disappointment expressed by the village at the loss of string lights. If our fund raising is successful, the possibility of the string lights across the street will return. We are also working on a different design.

However, for this to become a reality, there are, of course, additional costs. Whilst we have the funding to repeat last year’s displays, the return of the strings requires an additional £15,000 to secure them for three years. We are hoping to expand our display even further in the future if we can encourage enough support through donations.

To achieve this, the village as a community, will need to pull together once more to reach our target. We, as a committee, are going full out to make the effort to light up the village for Christmas as before. So, to achieve our target our fund-raising appeal begun on the 1st August.

We are exceedingly driven as a group in providing the return of the Christmas lights that we all know and love in the village and are looking to gain support where we can. A small committee team is exploring avenues of obtaining funding from sponsors. Another team is producing fund raising ideas, such as quizzes, raffles. We also have a donation page on our website where donations can be made by using our crowd funding page.

For more information visit our donations page.
Or our Facebook page: Lyndhurst Village Decorations
Or take a look at our Instagram: @lyndhurstdecorationscommitte

Your support is not only appreciated but is vital to the Village

If you would like to offer practical support or require additional information please contact us:

By supporting the Lyndhurst Village Decorations Committee you are doing your part to enable us to provide an experience that is unrivalled in the New Forest area.